Chernobyl video shot from a drone.

Earlier in 2014 Danny Cooke had a chance to travel to Chernobyl’s exclusion zone with a camera equipped drone. These are some of the images it captured.

Postcards from Pripyat, Chernobyl from Danny Cooke on Vimeo.

If you’re not familiar with the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. On April 26 1986 a nuclear reactor at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine exploded, spewing radioactive dust into the atmosphere. Within days a nearby city of 50,000, Prpyat was evacuated and abandoned. Almost 30 years later, the radiation levels have fallen low enough for tourists to be able to enter the area for short periods of time.

Danny Cooke was part of a CBS 60 minutes team doing a story on the past, present and future of Chernobyl and what dangers it still hold. You can watch the full 60 minutes report right here.