Toronto man caught ’em all.. Pokemon that is.

He lost 25lbs and walked over 260km but after just three-and-a-half weeks, Toronto’s Pokemon Go player Roberto Vazquez has managed to catch all 142 Pokemon available in North America. He did it all in the GTA as well.


Vazquez is believed to be the first person in Toronto to capture all the Pokemon in a game that has taken the world by storm.
“At first, I was just playing around just like everyone else But as I got closer to the actual number, I just got more dedicated to actually finishing.” he told CBC.

The hunt for Pokemon took him all over the city forcing him to walk 20 to 40km per day, allowing him to lose 25lbs. He caught his last Pokemon at Allan Gardens, after waiting for it to show up for a few hours.

When asked about what his plans are now, he said that he plans to do a little traveling, to catch other rare Pokemon which are only available on other continents. Conveniently he is heading to Asia for work soon.

“Might as well try to hit two birds with one stone, right?”

Check out his Pokedex