In Dance We Trust – Aug 28 2009 – Episode 1

Wild Ace
Wild Ace

Here’s the tracklisting for the inaugural episode of “In Dance We Trust” presented and mixed by me – Wild Ace.


  1. Real McCoy vs. Wild Ace – Another Night (H-16 Club Mix) *mAPl
  2. Klaas vs. Haddaway – What Is Love 2k9 (Cansis Remix)
  3. Captain Hollywood – More & More 2009 (Scotty & Full Gainer Remix)
  4. Jeckyll & Hyde – Freefall (Original Extended)
  5. Cascada – Dangerous (Darren Styles Remix)
  6. Waldo’s People – Lose Control (Extended Mix)
  7. E-Type – Eurofighter (Extended Mix)
  8. Milk Inc – Blackout (Wild Ace Guilt Mix)
  9. Lasgo – Lost (Extended)
  10. Nikki & Christina – Let The Games Begin [Ellas] (Extended Mix) *MAPL
  11. TLD – Como Te Quiero (Vandueren Remix)

I hope you enjoyed the show.  Next week I will be busting out trance music with a mini set dedicated to the talented and awesome Jennifer Rene.

If you have any requests for future shows, please send them to indancewetrust [at] gmail [dot] com.