Grimsby highschool graduates pull off an awesome prank

Ah to be a high school graduate again. It has been a while since we’ve seen a genius prank like this make the headlines. The prank was so well executed that even the principle of Grimsby Secondary School had a good laugh.

A group of 6 graduating students purchased a 2001 Jaguar fro $750 on Kijiji and put it on the roof of the school. How they did it is the genius part. Since hoisting the car onto the roof would be too costly and complicated, they decided to simply disassemble the car and rebuild it on the roof-top. They used a pulley system they learned to build in physics class to hoist the car parts onto the roof and spent several Sundays, when no one was at school, reassembling the vehicle around a wooden frame they had built.



When asked how they were planning to bring the car back down, they had no immediate answer simply stating: “we’re still trying to figure it out.”


These kids will go far.