Billboard crowns the song of summer 2014 and the winner is..

If you had to pick one song that stood out this summer which one would you pick?
What was the one song that played everywhere and even made it onto our playlist here at DJFM?
Which was the song that got stuck in your head driving you crazy?

Well Billboard has the answer for you. Every year they hire some poor student to track all the songs on the Top 100 for 14 weeks from Memorial Day to Labour Day and at the end of the summer, they look at spreadsheets and graphs that this poor soul created, to see which song is the most popular. This year’s uncontested winner is none other than a 24 year old Aussie, whose real name is Amethyst Amelia Kelly. Her stage name however, is comprised of a pet’s name and a street on which she used to live. Yes we are talking about Iggy Azalea and her collaboration on a song called “Fancy” with Charli 100…. or is that Charli XCX?



“Fancy” stayed at the top of the Top 100 chart of 7 weeks this summer, it then remained in the Top 5 for another 6 weeks. The catchy bassline might have something to do with that I would think.

Coming in at number 2 were Canadians, MAGIC! with their hit “Rude”, beating out Ariana Grande’s “Problem” which came in at number 3. Sam Smith “Stay with me” came in at 4 and Nico & Vinz’s “Am I Wrong” at number 5.

You can view the full chart, right here.