Adam K at Circa Oct 10 2009

adam k

Catch Adam K. at Circa on Saturday October 10 2009

Hotbox Digital | Radj Music | Toolroom

As a young guy, Adam dealt with life’s twists & turns by channeling his energy into music. It started with playing drums and collecting music but life came to him once he got into the studio. Listening, watching and learning all led to the development of his skills. Adam taught himself how to make music. An empathic relationship in production and harmonics made this sound unique. Experimenting with a variety of programs, synths, VSTs and DAWS Adam became a guru of arranging, composing and mastering.

Friends and allies along the way helped propel Adam towards the heavier, groovier nature of electronic music. Superstar Mark Oliver, resident DJ of uber club Guvernment, showed Adam a path that brought out new attentions to certain styles. Adam’s chameleonic format changed and soon hits like ‘40,000 yrs. of funk’ electrified music buyers. Companion and Comrade Soha opened the door that gave the jazziest feel to the beat. Alongisde this musical wizard Adam K. would produce songs that rule dance floors around the world. This particular certified number one track ‘Twilight’, Pete Tong’s Essential New Tune propelled Adam into the spotlight. Other hits in his repertoire include Ercola’s “Deep At Night”, becoming a 33 Billboard Global Dance Tracks Hit and Billboard Top-10 Dance Airplay Hit and Kaskade’s 4AM which hit the 4 spot on Itunes U.S. dance charts. Even collabs with DJ Addy would turn DJ heads with the cheeky cover of ‘PopCorn’.

Independantly Adam dropped huge club bombs onto floors everywhere with ‘You’re not alone’ and ‘I can feel’. His remixes of heavyweight deadmau5 ‘1981’ and “Hey Baby” shook the charts. His new updated remix of Reflekt ‘Need to feel love’ nearly broke his myspace player. Song after song, remix after remix Adam K. fills dance floor with delight. From the sternest underground aficionado to the carefree clubber no one can resist the sounds of Adam k.


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