A DWI conviction has this college student driving a Barbie Jeep.

Tara Monroe is a 21 year old junior at Texas State University whose drivers license was suspended after she refused a breathalyzer test.
After the suspension, her dad would drive her to school and leave her with a bicycle to get around. She would have none of that though, so she took to Craigslist to find herself a better ride.
Tara came across a $60 bright pink barbie Jeep which reaches a top speeds of 8km/h.  She purchased the toy, which she named Charlene after the previous owner and been using it to zip around the San Marcos campus, causing a bit of a social media frenzy.

“It was the best decision I’ve made in college, yet,” Tara said. She also added that it goes faster when it’s just her so she makes her friends walk behind her.
She will also make sure that her new wheels will make an appearance at her 21st birthday in November.