Pastafarian wants to wear a colander in a driver’s licence photo.

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Obi Canual is a 36 year old British Columbia man who believes in the Flying Spaghetti Monster, the one true god who created the earth 4000 years ago, while he was drunk. Obi is a Pastafarian, a religion which dates back to 2005. The Pastafarian religion requires members to wear a colander, so when Obi went to have his drivers licence photo taken he wore his religious head piece.

The photo was taken without a problem, but weeks later Obi received a letter stating that his photo had to be retaken, without the colander on his head. He is understandably very upset and claims that his religious rights were violated.

Read the full story and watch the news report on the CTV News website.

Stay strong Obi! We’re with you on this.