The Simpsons + Futurama = Simsorama

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The word is out! The The Simpsons and Futurama are set on a collision course and on November 9, the Benders will be unleashed on a special, crossover episode of the Simpsons.

Not much is known about the episode yet except for the fact that it will be a “Terminator-esque” story which involves Bart placing a sandwich in a time capsule, on which he had blown his nose. When Bart’s DNA mixes with a rabbit foot and the whole thing gets drenched in radioactive goo, it creates an unpleasant future. Bender is then sent back in time to eliminate Bart from existence.

Entertainment Weekly has gotten a hold of a single image from this much anticipated episode. I will even turn my TV on for this one. November 9th has been market in my calendar.