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  • Winter Blahs to Winter Fun

    Winter Blahs to Winter Fun

    Still feeling the winter blah? Don’t know what to do anymore? No worries, here is a few things you can still do. Yes, a drive will be necessary but that is what makes it more fun. London Wine and Food Show  Jan 17 – 21 (London) Must purchase a ticket to attend Ice Breakers on…

  • Wine making month coming soon

    Wine making month coming soon

    What is not to love about the  Niagara region and the many wineries it has to offer? There is so many in fact , that it’s hard to choose which ones to visit. Well, now that you can take a flight to Niagara from Toronto with Greater Toronto Airways, there is no need to worry…

  • Blue Wine?

    Blue Wine?

    Spanish wine company, Gik has come up with something blue. WINE! The blue wine, called Blue Nun, is made of pigments from the red and white grape skin called indigo. The wine is a blend of red and white grapes from four different areas in Spain: La Rioja, Castilla-La Mancha, León and Zaragoza. Gik was launched…

  • Cat wine is finally here.. cat ladies rejoice

    Cat wine is finally here.. cat ladies rejoice

    American manufacturer Apollo Peak has invented wine for cats! The company told Huffington Post that the cat wine does not contain alcohol and is similar to a tea. The ingredients include organic catnip, water and beet juice. The product is available in both red and white versions. Cheers fluffball!