Nadia Ali – Embers Now available on iTunes

It is very seldom that I get excited about an artist releasing a new album. It was a different story when Nadia announced a few months ago that her album would be coming out in September.
I immediately started anticipating the album and could not wait for it, specially since three singles from it started hitting up our Top 20 countdown and getting major airplay.


Well the day has finally arrived. Nadia Ali’s debute album Embers is finally available in the iTunes store.
I popped this CD into my car this morning to keep me company on my drive to work. All I have to say is that the wait was worth it.
Nadia delivers her signature vocal style on track after track.

You might remember Nadia as the vocalist for “iio” and their smash 2001 hit Rapture.
Nadia’s latest single from the album “Fine Print” is doing very well on Dance stations across North America.

If there is only one album you purchase this year, this should be the one. Grab it from iTunes right now. You will not regret it.

I will write a more detailed review once I finish listening to the entire album, for now i just wanted to let you know that THE ALBUM IS FINALLY OUT! 🙂