It’s all about Juicy M

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There is no questions about the fact that Juicy M should be one of the “must see” DJs on anyone’s list and we’re very proud to have her as part of the DJFM line up.

Marta Martus, as her legal documents call her, recently posted a new video of herself playing on 4 CDJs on her Facebook page, receiving almost 60,000 shares in 2 days, but as with any video that she posts of herself mixing, the haters always come out asking her how she can mix without headphones and challenging her to mix on vinyl, without the use of technology to help her sync up the tracks.



Well back in June of 2013 she posted a video on her YouTube doing just that. Watch and learn kids. Maybe now the “haters” can stop hating?



Juicy is currently doing her North American tour. If you can, you should check her out live. If you can’t make it to one of her gigs, you can always catch her Juicyland radio show right here on DJFM, Monday evenings at 11pm (Eastern)


Juicy M N-american tour