Australian man paying people $100 per day to catch Pokemon for him

, The Buzz

How is this for ultimate laziness? This guy will actually pay others to walk around and catch Pokemon for him.

Aladdin Moukhallalati of Sydney Australia posted and add on Airtasker to hire “good trainers” to search for Pikachus.


We heard stories of people falling down hills, getting into car crashes, reversing into police cars, even getting robbed while searching for Pokemon Pokemon Go is quite the dangerous game! (Who would have thought?)

Business Insider asked him why he was willing to pay $100 a day to a perfect stranger to play the game for him to which he replied:

“Unfortunately, I’m stuck at work all day and miss the opportunity to go out and catch Pokémon. I feel like I won’t be missing out on making progress in the game, as it’s become quite competitive as its popularity has grown.”

People now a days.